-Tweaked version of SnapChat. Uninstall original Snapchat app first before installing the original tweaked one! Media Enhancements > Automatically or Manually Save Incoming and/or Outgoing Snaps - Set Snapchat up to automatically save all incoming or outgoing snaps so you can always review them later. > Save to Phone or Snapchat Vault - Save Snaps to your phone or the built in Snapchat + vault for ultimate security. > Disable Story AutoSwitch - Annoyed that stories automatically move from an image/video before you're done looking? Now you can control the flow. > Disable Snap Countdown - No longer have to worry about snaps disappearing before you have a good look! > Disable View Receipt - You get to decide when your snap partner gets a view receipt. You get to see the snap without notifying them! > Spoof Snapchat Settings - Now you can spoof almost all Snapchat default settings, like Temperature, Speed and Story read request. > Save Chat Messages - Messages in the SnapChat no longer disappear. Just scroll up to see them all! > Share Chat Messages - Long click to copy/share chat text Face and Filters Enhancements > Custom Community Filters - Use filters created by the community. > Custom Local Filters - Upload your own filters to use. > Now Playing Filter - Show others what you are listening to :). > Default Faces - Enable the default faces App Enhancements > Advanced Image Editing - We've integrated additional image editing options for text and images so you can make the coolest snaps out there. > Geographic Spoofing - Now you can pick what city you're in to get access to all of the awesome filters SnapChat provides. > Disable Screenshot Log - Want to take a screenshot of a snap but don't want your friend to know? Now you can. > Snapchat + Media Vault - Now you have the option to save images with a built in media vault > Password and TouchID - Limit access to your SnapChat by turning on a Password or Using TouchID. > Disable Shutter Sound - Want to take snaps discreetly? Now you can disable the shutter sound. > Clear Badges on Exit - Even if you don't watch all of your snaps, you can remove the annoying red notification badge when you exit SnapChat. Usability Enhancements > Status Bar Notifications - Get a small ghost on the top iOS status bar whenever snapchat is in the background and you get a new Snap > Snap from Lock Screen - When enabled, you can open snapchat from the Lockscreen (bottom left), to open directly into Snapchat > Enable/Disable Autoload of all media - You can disable the auto load of Snaps, > Stories and/or Discovery feeds to save bandwidth. If enabled, the media won't load until you click on it. > Hide Discovery and Live Stories - No longer have to see the Discovery or Live Stories in your story feed.