Tesla Key is a tool for fast and easy access to your Tesla Motors vehicle (Model S and Model X) from anywhere using your mobile device.

With Tesla Key You can perform the following tasks with your Tesla Vehicle:
- Lock and Unlock doors
- Remote start, keyless driving (drive off without the original Tesla Key)
- Open Charge Port Door
- Set required charge limit % and start or stop charging
- Set climate temperature and start or stop climate system in vehicle
- Locate vehicle by honking horn or flashing lights
- Vent and close roof

Other features:
- 3D Touch shortcuts
- Password protected app for installing on non-personal devices
- Autorun vehicle commands on app start
- Supports multiple vehicles in one account
- Setting default vehicle for quick access to primary vehicle
- Direct access to Model S and Model X Owners Manual by pressing the vehicle name in US and Norwegian. Set preferred manual in settings.

Se Tesla Owners Manual for more detailed information on the functions available:
Model S:

Model X:

Security information:
Tesla Key is using the API from Tesla, an encrypted connection between the app and the Tesla Motors server. The same connection as used by the official Tesla app.

Storing username and password is done using the IOS settings functionality with the security provided by Apple.