Mysterious stones is a challenging game where you combine three or more of same kind of stone to transform to a new high level stone. The more stone unlocked the more score you got . There are 5 modes for you to enjoy
- Single Mode – Players can enjoy the game with full features included support items & secrets in game. 
- Battle Mode - This is the place where players can challenge with others for ranking. Top 10 ranking will get big rewards EVERY DAY ! 
- Puzzle Mode - Think different ways to solve the puzzles. This mode is for players who embracing challenge. 
- Endless Mode - A never end game. There is no game over in this mode but the score. This mode is for relaxing with high definition music & natural sounds. 
- Campaign Mode – This mode will lead you to an adventure on the world map. Explore the map by finishing missions on each location to unlock the next location. Map data will be update frequently.
There are many special items that can support you playing. To view what items may do press the help button at the extand setting menu. More over you can connect to facebook to invite friends playing with you or share your result.

Christmas is coming and a new event with a lot of amazing prizes:
- One of three special “Xmas Balls” will appear when transforming 4 stones & more.
+ Green: blow up a line.
+ Blue: blow up a column
+ Red: blow up both column & line.
- With 4 stones transformed horizontally or vertically, you will pass to next 2 levels.
- And a lot of support items when performing combo 2 & more.
- Brand new daily challenge feature for everyone can play & earn Gems

Merry Christmas & Best wishes to you. Let's enjoy!