Gem Defense:Battle Of Monsters

Hu Li



"Gem Defense" is a simple and fun game of strategy based on gem system. Build towers and enhance the towers by set into gems to create a death maze that lead the monsters marching to their end.


•Powerful Gem System: Different gem can provide different attacking effects. Choose the right gems is the key to victory.

•Complex Strategy: Create the maze by build towers in specified locations. The further the monsters walk, the closer the victory is.

• Different Towers: 6 powerful towers. Upgrade the towers and enable their unique skills.

•Cute But Strong Monsters: Monster’s skills are drastically enabled. Destroy the BOSS first is the most important.

•Ladder Mode:In stage of Ladder, monster tends to be more changeable with super power, encouraging the player to make more progress in score, to share the joy and beating competitor.

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