The Devil Tower: Stone of Destiny, is a difficult puzzle adventure game which has been featured multiple times in the App Store in the Adventure and RPG categories.

You take the role of a reincarnated adventure exploring the secrets of the tower.
Unlike any other RPGs, the number of monsters and treasures are both fixed in this game. You can kill a monster only once and get gold and sprite from each monster once too. But when and how to beat each monster is absolutelly up to you. Find the best opportunity to kill each monster and use the right key for each door...
Every decision you made in sequence is a unique strategy of you, there are more than 1 million kinds of them in the tower, you must optimize each action to make your strategy the right one.So that you'd best think twice before open a door, buy a jewel, pick up a potion, attack a monster, save a NPC......
Could or could not get through the final BOSS and rescue the Princess depends on each single step you take. Few players could make it. Good luck!

It's the 2nd series of the original team. This series has an all new story with new characters, new monsters, and new challenges. There are 5 chapters in total, subsequent chapters will be ready soon.