BOMBERMAN X Match3 Puzzle Game!!! - Play FREE!
Drop a bomb and have a BLAST blowing up Bomberman’s enemies!

148 Apps: 4/5 Rating - “Bomberman Chains is about as simple as a Match 3 game can get, but its simplicity makes it hard to put down.”

YOUR GOAL: Blow away the enemies by flicking and matching 3 or more in a line, or by decimating groups of enemies using the bombs that Bomberman drops. Receive a high score by creating more chains to clear all your enemies!

- Flick and organize the enemies into lines of three or more to make them vanish
- Knock out as many chains of the same enemies as you can with additional points given for longer chains
- Bomberman will supply you with a bomb for clearing 4 or more enemies in a row
- Tap the bomb to clear all enemies at once - drop lots of bombs for higher scores
- Increase your bomb firepower gauge by creating more chains
- One full gauge will empower you with 1 square of firepower
- The firepower gauge fades with time so build chains to increase your firepower
- Enemies appear as they vanish - the challenge is to eliminate them all

* Play mode
Clear each stage by accomplishing the mission objectives. As your skill advances, the difficulty of the level will increase as well. Practice your bombing skill now!

* 30 Second mode
Try to achieve a high score in 30 seconds. Flick as fast as you can to stop chains from disappearing quickly!

* 60 Second mode
Are you a bomb pro now? See how high a score you can get in 60 seconds?!

Bomberman Chains is compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later, and iPad. Download it FREE and Have a blast in Bomberman Chains NOW!

By Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.