Bitpoem - Photo Filters and Effects - formerly known as Exposure

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Turn your daily photos into works of art! Apply them to any part of a picture to show the world what really matters to you. Mix as many effects as you want. Featured by Apple as a "Best New App". Exclusively on iOS. "(...) encourages more originality by letting users to pick and choose which filters they want to use and where to place them in order to best emphasize critical parts of a scene." - The Next Web “Exposure adds some personality to your photos” - Gizmodo  “Even if you would never apply iOS 8's Chrome or Transfer filter, however -- even if you have never heard of Instagram -- take a look at Exposure. It's one of those apps that is genuinely unexpected and new” - MacNN “The app is smart so it can pretty easily separate objects “ - TUAW “This innovative interaction is a departure from normal photo filtering apps, giving you total freedom to be creative and make unique photos with a personal touch” - iPhone Photography School Create a highly personal picture, giving emphasis to what moves you. Color Effects: • Original: The original color photo • B&W: Turns the picture into Black & White • Deep B&W: A deeper Black and White • Vintage: Sepia-like, aged effect • Ice: Applies a very cold feeling to any photo • Vibrant: Augments the vibrancy on the photo, enhancing all the colors • Intense: Brings all the intensity in your photo • Blackout: make nice silhouettes or remove the background • White: remove the background, replacing it with the white color • Bittersweet: Apply a pink color anywhere in your images. • Blue sky: Add blue anywhere! • Purple Hour: There isn't enough purple in the world. Camera Effects: • Bokeh: Simulates the Depth-of-Field effect, using a 3D representation of an actual lens • Old School: Bring your photos to life, applying a bokeh based on a lens from the 50s • Valentine: Simulates lens with a heart-shaped filter, creating a hearty bokeh • HDR: Emulates High Dynamic Range. Artistic Effects: • Pop Art: Your photo will travel in time to the 60s • Glow: Adds a beautiful glow to your photos • Smooth: Smooth every surface. Looks awesome on selfies! • 8-bit: Turn your photo into an 8-bit art • Picasso: Turn your photo into a painting • Zoom: Simulates a zoom motion blur • Miniature: Adds a Tilt-shift effect to your photo • Newspaper: Turn your photo into a newspaper print • Sketch: Turn your photo into a pencil sketch • Cartoon: Like comic books • Watercolor: A colored pencil sketch of your photo • Motion: An amazing motion effect for your photos • Inscribe: Turn your picture into text • Enhance: Make every little detail in your photo standout • Rotoscope: Simulate rotoscoped pictures • Vignette: Add an amazing vignette in your pictures Texture Effects: • Fur: Bring movement to your photos • Film: Old film photo • Letterpress: Letterpress paper texture • Paper: Crumpled paper • Concrete: Concrete wall • Puzzle: Turn your picture into a jigsaw puzzle! • Old Map: Old paper texture • Tree: Tree trunk • Fabric: Knitted texture • Clouds: Clouds texture • Rust: Rust texture • Leaf: Your photo inside a leaf Features: • Patent Pending algorithm to help analyze and separate objects in scene • Cutting edge and innovative interaction: No more filters, you interact directly with your pictures • Photo Extension, totally integrated with iOS 8 • Integrated with Instagram and other photo editing apps • Supports Metal on iOS 8